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Free Family Planning at the University of Utah

University of Utah project provides free family planning to women By Wendy Leonard@wendyleonards Published: Nov. 13, 2016 7:45 p.m. SALT LAKE CITY — Raising children is no easy task, and a group of local researchers wants to help women make the choice of becoming a mother more intentional. The HER Salt Lake initiative, based at the University of Utah, intends to counsel at least 7,000 women...

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Without Fossil Fuels, a New Population Puzzle

Laurie Mazur wrote this article for YES! Magazine So how many people can the planet really support? Originally posted in Yes! Magazine by Laurie Mazur on Mar 22, 2016 How many people can the Earth support? It’s a question that’s been asked for centuries, generating wildly divergent answers—from less than a billion to more than a trillion. Today, the question arises with new urgency as we contemplate...

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Nature Journal: Slow down population growth

Orignaly written in Nature Jornal by John Bongaarts Within a decade, women everywhere should have access to quality contraceptive services, argues John Bongaarts. George Osodi/Panos Oshodi market in Lagos. In 2100, our planet is expected to be home to 11.2 billion people. That’s a more than 50% increase on today’s 7.3 billion1. This expansion of humanity is likely to be spread...

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Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures

Re-posted from The Guardian How do you raise awareness about population explosion? One group thought that the simplest way would be to show people Alan Rusbridger on why you should care about climate change Join the Guardian’s climate change campaign Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot is available to buy Click on an image to read more and see a larger version: ...

Climate Change, Consumerism, Consumption, deforestation, farming, food securty, oceans, oil, pollution, population, poverty

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Though climate change is a crisis, the population threat is even worse

Originally posted at The Guardian by Stephen Emmott While the Paris climate summit focuses on global warming, the key issue is the prospect of 10 billion people on Earth The perennial cry: we need to talk about climate change. And this week, with world leaders in Paris, we have been. But only up to a point. For the likely impact of the rising global population is almost entirely absent, not only...

Climate Change, Consumerism, Consumption, Food, Global, Water

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