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Author: Gray Griffin

Growth Bias Busted – Spotlighting Pro-Growth Bias in the Media

Dave Gardner | GrowthBusters.org Just a few weeks ago, in The Daily Beast, senior columnist Matt Lewis told the world, “it’s insane for a nation to aspire to a smaller population.” In OH, BABY! The Fertility Rate Is Way Down, and Yes, That’s a Huge Problem, Lewis spread the lie that as our population has increased, we’ve become more prosperous and “environmentally...

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Letter: Another benefit of birth control: improved pregnancy outcomes

By Cara C. Heuser | The Public Forum | Salt Lake Tribune Regarding “The only man in Utah we want touching our birth control is Rep. Ray Ward” (The Tribune, Nov. 12): The voices of health care professionals are important in this discussion; I commend the authors for noting that contraception can be a practical, rather than an ideological, issue. As a physician caring for women with complicated pregnancies,...

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Letter: Rep. Ward’s family planning legislation makes sense

By Kat Martinez | The Public Forum| The Salt Lake Tribune As a mentor to teen moms, I am extremely grateful family doctor Rep. Raymond Ward is introducing legislation to offer coverage for family planning. The Health and Human Services committee members at the Capitol should enthusiastically support the family planning services amendments by Ward. There are thousands of Utahns who fall through the...

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World Vasectomy Day – November 17, 2017

In the midst of earthquakes, scandals, and politics, World Vasectomy Day sets a new precedent for masculinity Press Release – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Alison Hoover, ahoover@worldvasectomyday.org Mexico City, Mexico, November 11, 2017: In the midst of political tension, a year of striking sexual abuse revelations in male-dominated industries and a catastrophic natural disaster,...

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Commentary: The only man in Utah we want touching our birth control is Rep. Ray Ward

By Rebekah Birdsall and Hannah Murphy | For The Tribune Although conversations regarding access to birth control and women’s health care are often presented from an ideological standpoint, for the women we serve, affordable access to contraception is not ideological. It is essential health care. As two student women’s health nurse practitioners at The University of Utah, we are outraged and exhausted...

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