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Letter: ‘Just say no’ to endless population growth

  • November 20, 2015

Salt Lake Tribune Nov. 10, 2015 original:

Gov. Gary Herbert seemed almost cheerful that we will have a state population of 4 million by 2030.

“Accelerated growth” (Herbert’s words) is considered positive. Exponential growth has a more ominous connotation.

Seventy percent of our population growth is being produced nightly in bedrooms throughout the state. No matter how many electric vehicles we buy, how much Tier 3 gas we burn, how energy-efficient our buildings become, exponential growth is decreasing our quality of life — and will increasingly do so.

The Tribune editorial quoted Edward Abbey on growth and cancer. We fight cancers. We don’t plan to welcome cancer. We don’t encourage it to grow.

Alan Matheson, echoing the governor’s positions, said we need — and will get — innovation. Where innovation is most needed is in Utah’s bedrooms — and sofas.

We need innovation in family planning and in contraception. We need agency in the bedroom. We need Nancy Reagan again saying, “Just say no!”

We need a sustainable population — a sustainable economy for Utah, for the nation and for the planet.

Exponential growth is a cancer. Planning to fully accommodate it is a suicidal fantasy. Use your agency.

Joe Andrade

Salt Lake City

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