Steve Bannister speaking at roundtable

UPEC’s Roundtable Written Up in the Salt Lake Tribune!

If Utahns continue to have fewer babies, group says it will make state richer and help the environment

Continuing Utah’s recent trend toward women giving birth to fewer babies will make the state richer and help its environment, according to a report by a group that advocates slowing population growth.

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roundtable presentation

Roundtable Presentation

The Utah Population and Environment Council (UPEC) encourages you to attend a roundtable presentation on Monday Oct. 21 starting at 7 pm. We will be meeting in the basement of the SLC Library, Conference Room B.

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letter clever cleaner cars needed in utah

Letter: Clever, Cleaner Cars Needed in Utah

UPEC’s Andrew Schoenberg concludes that “the prediction of the Utah population doubling makes it even more important that most of us reduce our additions to air pollution and global warming gases by switching to fuel efficient vehicles such as EVs and PHEVs.”

In a recent letter to the Salt Lake Tribune, he writes:

“A recent Salt Lake Tribune editorial recommended that Utah join California in its efforts to require car manufacturers to meet or exceed the federal mandated corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards. These require a 54 miles per gallon (mpg) average fuel efficiency for cars by 2025. The Trump administration wants all states including California to reduce the CAFE standards to a maximum of 37 mpg.”

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