UPEC book picks

UPEC Picks

Mark Thomas, Truth, Population, and Mormon Symbolism, August, 2014: Former UPEC board member Mark Thomas’ updated essay.
Alan Weisman, Countdown, Back Bay Books, 2013 (paperback 2014). Countdown is a very readable and well-written discussion of world population issues, challenges, and approaches. Weisman traveled to 20 countries over two years, talked with a great many people – many of whom are profiled, discussed, and quoted – then produced 500 fascinating pages.
Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction, An Unnatural History, 2014. An immensely readable book describing the many ways humans are making the earth uninhabitable for many other species.
Richard Heinberg, The End of Growth, 2011: Why growth cannot go on forever. Heinberg is a Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute. He was the featured speaker at the Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance 2014 conference in Utah.

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