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Biodiversity and Human Population

Stephanie Feldstein, Population and Sustainability Director, Center for Biological Diversity provided a well-informed presentation on “Biodiversity and Human Population” as part of the Utah Population and Environment Council, 2024 Speakers Series on May 6, 2024. Stephanie leads the Center’s work to highlight and address threats to endangered species and wild places from runaway human population...

Climate Change, Consumption, environment, population, Utah

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Utah’s Fertility Decline: Richer Lives for All – Roundtable Video

Steven Bannister presents a roundtable event at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Presenting “Utah’s Fertility Decline: Richer Lives for All” a White Paper by the Utah Population and Environment Council (UPEC). Providing a unique perspective on Utah’s declining fertility rate and future inevitable decline in population growth rates and how this correlates with a better...

environment, gdp, per capita wealth, population, total fertility rate, white paper

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