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UPEC Picks

A UPEC pick!

Mark Thomas, Truth, Population, and Mormon Symbolism, August, 2014:

Former board member Mark Thomas’ updated essay on Truth and Population in Mormon writings and symbolism.

Another UPEC pick! – the SUNZEE Car: sunzeecar.com

Solar Powered Vehicles for a Sustainable Future – a project of UPEC Board Member, Dr. Andrew Schoenberg

And Another UPEC pick!

Alan Weisman, Countdown, Back Bay Books, 2013 (paperback 2014).

Countdown is a very recent, complete, and extremely well-written discussion of world population issues, challenges, and approaches. Weisman traveled to 20 countries over two years, talked with a great many people – many of whom are profiled, discussed, and quoted – then produced 500 fascinating, substantive, and readable pages.

I like to skim books (‘So many books, so little time!’), often reading only the first and last chapters – the ‘bottom line’ approach. But not this one. Every page was interesting, relevant, substantive.

Weisman examines population from every perspective – religious, cultural, national, regional, and planetary. He even covers Utah perspectives.

The book reflects great urgency, it is scary, but it is not a doomsday book.

The UPEC Board has been asked to read it – to provide a firm, current, comprehensive, and substantive foundation for UPEC’s activities, projects, and programs.

Please read it – and continue to act upon it.

Joe Andrade, UPEC Board, citizen activist   www.2andrade.org


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